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    Dryden Bank & Co. was born in my experience of living a rooted and creative life in an old house on the Black River in a small Ontario farming community. As a Cancer Survivor, I want to make the most of every moment of life. I hope my enthusiasm and sense of humour are infectious.


    I am the creator of Courage Cards, designed to give a message of caring. I have had my work purchased by a Corporation wishing to commemorate a product completion strategy. I am the winner of four Teaching Awards and a published author. I have done work for numerous organizations including the Town of Georgina, The United Church of Canada, private companies, Stronach Cancer Centre, and the York Region District School Board, in both paid and voluntary capacities. Creating in the face of challenges is the ultimate courage for me.

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    Courage Cards.

    Tell someone you care and wish them Courage on the way.


  • Courage Cards

    Courage is the whisper saying, "One More Step.” When a friend or loved one is faced with a crisis, they need our support more than ever. The challenge is finding the right words to connect with them and let them know that we are there to support them. Our hope is that they feel loved and understood. Courage cards reach beyond fear to offer comfort in an authentic way that does not ignore the hardships of the patient. When someone you care about is diagnosed it can be very overwhelming…for them, for you, for anyone who wants to help but doesn’t know what to say. Courage cards were designed by Sheila Dobson, a cancer survivor, and her daughter Elisabeth. We know what it is like for a family to face a life-threatening illness. We encourage you to use these cards to reach out to someone who is ill. Telling someone that you care and are thinking of them is always welcome. Courage can be everywhere. Save 20% when you order 5 or more Courage Cards. Code BONUS​ 

  • Story Mittens

    I made the Black Dog Sit! (or how Story Mittens were born)

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    Story Mittens grew as a creative response to my experience with breast cancer. I was furious about having my life derailed by disease, and despairing about having a mastectomy of my left breast. I was weak from chemo and wanted to do something that would occupy my hands but not be physically demanding. I started needle felting a pair of recycled wool mittens. I felted a sitting black dog on the left mitten but rebelled when it came time to embroider the right mitten. I decided that since I didn’t match anymore, I would make mittens that didn’t match and mittens that told a story. On the right mitten, I felted a little word bubble that said SIT. They made me laugh when I really needed a laugh.


    I went on to make more Story Mittens as I recovered. Mittens that didn’t match but reflected the world outside my window: birds in trees with snow falling, a snowman talking to a bird, the moon talking to a little girl, a bear under Northern Lights. Each pair has been an exploration of technique and a labour of love. I have evolved to lining them with silk and putting recycled fur cuffs on them. I’m not angry or despairing anymore and I have made peace with my body, but I still make Story Mittens as an expression of joy.

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